All Saints Church, the Episcopal Church in Scioto County Ohio


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Other Ministries

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

Prayer Ministry

Intercessions: Scott, Alex, P. J., Don, Matt, Alison, Ruth, Gail, Joseph, Nikki, David, Steve, Eldridge Family, Bobby, Priscilla, Tammy, Cindy, Miller, Donald, Acie, Debbie, Betty, Christine, Debby, John, K. D., John, Ruth, Matt, Becky, Alex, Samantha, Ashley, Holsinger Family, Emily, Rosemary, David, Kathryn, Donna, Marilyn, Sharon, Alyssa, Jackie, Sylvia, Paul, Lissa, Ama, Vicki, Jon, Jeff, Bob, Jamie, Bill, Joan, Jack.

In God's Nearer Presence: Danny Gilpin, Greg Curnutte. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Prayers for Men & Women in the Military: Luke Mault, Elizabeth Mault, Justin Welch, Brad Kitts, Clayton Kitts, Terry McDonald, Chad Conley.

Altar Flowers and Coffee Hour

2013 signup sheets for the giving of altar flowers and for the hospitality of Coffee Hour are located on the designated table in the Parish Hall. Average contribution for Altar Flowers is $35.00.

Nursery Volunteers

are needed to assist the nursery attendant on Sunday morning beginning at 11:00 a.m. Please take the opportunity to sign-up for a turn.

Loaves and Fishes

All Saints’ Parish hall is used the second, fourth, and if there is a fifth Saturday for a mid-day time for socializing and lunch for anyone in the surrounding area. This ministry is conducted by various congregations in Portsmouth. Our day to serve is the fourth Saturday of every month.

Sts. Paul & Silas Prison Ministry

Thanks to everyone for their donations. This is a continuing ministry so let’s keep up the good work. Again the list of items we need are writing paper, embossed envelopes (from the post office), and puzzle books. Also if you have any unused birthday and Christmas cards, we can use them also. Thanks!! Donna Russell (353-8262)

Red Cross Blood Drive

Since October 2011, Church Women United (All Saints women participate in this Ecumential group) has sponsored a Red Cross Blood Drive the last Tuesday of each month at All Saints Episcopal Church.

The Facilities of All Saints Parish

are offered for regular meetings to the following community social services: